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WordPress Website

We will build you a beautiful website which can convert you new customers, brand your business and much more. We only build the best quality and modern style WordPress websites.


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  • MXN: $10,256.119 - $25,640.299
  • RUB: руб.37,662.047 - руб.94,155.117
  • THB: ฿15,632.409 - ฿39,081.023

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Ecommerce Website
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Learning Website (LMS)
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While WordPress started as a blogging tool, throughout the years it has evolved into the most powerful website builder we all know and is amazingly easy to use and has a beautiful content management system (CMS). One of the best things about building a website with WordPress is that it’s easy to use even for non tech pros and programmers, it is also very flexible and you can create almost every website design and turn your ideas into reality. Whether you know this or not, some of the biggest brands in the world use WordPress for their websites and ecommerce sites including: Time Magazine, Facebook, The New Yorker, Sony, Disney, Target, The New York Times, Reuters Blogs, Usain Bolt, Katy Perry, The Rolling Stones, Microsoft News, BBC America, PlayStation Blog, TED Blog, The Official James Bond 007 Website, IBM Jobs Blog, The Official Star Wars Blog, MTV News, Beyonce, Mercedes-Benz, The Obama Foundation, The White House and more, how much more? just 30%+ of all the websites in the world…

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So why choose WordPress for building your website?

First, WordPress is a free platform, unlike Wix, weebly and others. It will cost you almost nothing to own a WordPress website – few $ for domain and hosting costs and that’s it… WordPress is used to create any kind of website, content websites like blogs, branded websites for business and companies, store, LMS and more! the options is really unlimited.

What is a domain and why do you need it? domain name is the address of your website on the internet without it no one will be able to get to your website, exactly like real address. This is what a user will type in his/her browser’s address bar to access your website (for example, If you need help with domain purchase or management you can use our Domain management service.

Web hosting is the server where all your website’s files are stored. We recommend check our WordPress hosting and management service.

Reasons to start building your website with WordPress

  • Design options are unlimited – WordPress is Easy to Customize with tens of thousands of Themes and Plugins we can create almost everything you can imagine and even more, design options are always updated and if one day you will decide to change your design all of your content will stay so you never need to worry from building your website again.
  • It’s SEO friendly – WordPress websites are written using high-quality code and produces semantic markup. In terms of real normal people, this makes Google and other search engines love WordPress even more. WordPress sites tend to rank higher than others websites in search engines results. It’s simple to make WordPress websites mobile friendly which search engines also like very much. You can also use WordPress SEO plugins like Yoat to even further optimize your website by yourself or by an expert.
  • WordPress platform is easy to manage – As said in the beginning WordPress started as CMS software which is content management system for non programmers! With a little guidance or few YouTube videos you can easily learn how to do it yourself and you will have no need in content manager. One of the best things is that WordPress comes with a built-in updates system. This allows you to easily update your plugins and themes from your WordPress dashboard without any special knowledge (BUT be aware that you should always backup your website before doing this because updates can change thing in your websites). WordPress itself will also notify you when there is a new version available for your website, that way you can update your site in one button click which leads us to the next huge advantage of WordPress websites.
  • With WordPress your website is safe and secured – To automatically protect your data from any unwanted accident or hacking attack, you can easily use a WordPress backup options that will give you a secured version always to go bac to if something bad happened, we give this service to our clients via our WordPress management service, check it out if you want someone professional manage your WP website for you. Any way let’s talk about how not to get into accidents in the first place.. WordPress was developed with security deep in mind when it all started, a lot of years ago, so WordPress websites are considered to be a very safe and secured. However, just like the real world, the internet can be an uncertain place. There are intruders out there who want to get their hands on as many sites as they could. To protect your WordPress website even better you have to make sure that your infrastructure is safe and good enough, like you won’t build your home in an unsafe ground you should not do it with your websites – if you want to read more about what we offer for Managed and secured WordPress hosting plans, SSL, CDN.. click here.

What kind of websites WordPress is good for?

  • business/brand website
  • Online store
  • Blog
  • Membership website
  • Sell online courses (LMS)

What is Woocommerce?

Woocommerce is the best stores / ecommerce platform for who which wants to open an online store with sore management options, insights, integrating marketing tools and much more, it is very easy and user friendly and with little guidance every one can manage a sore that was built with Woocommerce.

Are you ready to become a website owner?

maybe you are searching to brand your business, to sell more through the internet, to make your course go live in a digital version with an automated learning system you have to have a website!! The best time to build your website was… well 10 years ago, at least, you should note to yourself that a site seniority is impacting search results in all search engines and every day you don’t have a website or a GOOD website you are losing customers.

It’s time for you to unlock the unlimited possibilities of the internet!

Let’s start making your website! order now or contact our web department in chat to get more information.


LTR WordPress websites examples:



RTL WordPress websites examples:

WordPress official news

Content pages

Simple – 5 pages, Ecommerce – 6 pages, LMS – 7 pages

Payment gateways

Simple – none, Ecommerce – up to 1, LMS – up to 1

Website statistics

All pans – Included

Social networks connection

All pans – Included

Google search console

All pans – Included


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