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Managed WordPress Hosting

1 Year subscription – best price.
Boost your business with industry-premium WordPress hosting packages and services, at prices that won’t break your budget. Our hosting will provide you a better Internet experience,  faster and more secured website. (read description before buying)

$65.000$150.000 / 365 days

  • ILS: 217.191₪ - 501.211₪
  • EUR: €55.437 - €127.932
  • BRL: R$373.696 - R$862.375
  • CNY: ¥425.823 - ¥982.670
  • GBP: £47.237 - £109.009
  • INR: ₹4,757.224 - ₹10,978.209
  • MXN: $1,333.296 - $3,076.836
  • RUB: руб.4,896.066 - руб.11,298.614
  • THB: ฿2,032.213 - ฿4,689.723


This service is only for clients who manage their WordPress websites through us. If you wish to manage your own hosting yourself this service is not for you.

No more headaches from installation errors, programming languages, or torturous server configurations. This option allows you to forget all the troubles of your WordPress hosting and take a step back and keep doing what you do best, let us manage all your needs.

What’s included (all plans):

  • Our web department support 24/7.
  • Security protocols.
  • Backup every month.
  • Connecting your WordPress website
  • Hosted on Real Cloud
  • Google Friendly
  • Easy Upkeep
  • Migrating an existing WordPress website (Optional – contact support)

WordPress hosting price

When it comes to pricing, this is the best option. We provide you with a full solution, you will have us as managers of your WordPress hosting, backups and security. You’ll be able to go to sleep well at night free of worries. Most of the hosting companies will charge you more than us and will do less. Also while some of these companies offer a promotional price from time to time, it’s essential to examine the regular prices and terms, as this is what you will pay long-term.

What is managed WordPress hosting?

A great benefit of using our managed WordPress service is that we take care of the entire setup process for you–no more headaches from installation errors, programming languages, or torturous server configurations. Our service is very profitable if you have multiple websites and need someone to take care of their needs.

Our well trained web developers and web managers have the skills necessary to perform a full WordPress installation, but for most business owners and content creators, there are too many steps to function without assistance. There are many cloud-based website builders out there, and we can help you manage them all, we have a lot of experience doing so.

WordPress or WIX?

Wix is a famous website builder where you can build beautiful Wix websites. however, it does not offer the same extensive collection of themes, plugins and options as sites that use WordPress. Therefore, it may not be the right choice for you. If you’re familiar with WordPress, or want special advantages on your competitors, you can ask for free tips and advice from our Web Department in the chat.

We provide easy migration service

One thing to consider always before buying a website or a hosting service is flexibility. Do you have access to professional support to move your site to its new host? With us you do! Usually with no extra cost, we will gladly help you to migrate your WordPress website to our hosting.

Hosted on real cloud

When it comes to website hosting, the technology you don’t see is even more important than the things you do see, including quality servers and hardware, security protocols and cloud technology that allows high availability and elasticity.

Our hosting packages are hosted on Namecheap’s advanced cloud. Real cloud technology brings the benefit of consistently high performance, fast page loading, 99.99% uptime, and easy up-scaling during traffic spikes. Each customer gets their own container, making sure that the cloud resources you need are always available to you.


WordPress online stores require unique capabilities in terms of security and functionality. For example, sensitive payment information at checkout. We support WooCommerce that is the most used WordPress store platform in the world and this open-source platform is included for free.

With some WordPress hosting providers you will need to pay more for this feature (check as an example). Wix offers e-commerce options with more expensive plans.

Google Friendly

Yoast is a SEO WordPress plugin that is used by millions of WordPress users. It helps you get your site listed in Google, Bing and other search engines. Even if you’re not familiar with search engine optimization, Yoast will help you to make your website more SEO friendly and therefore get more organic visits to your website. If you want this feature just ask our web department through the chat and we will install it for you.

SEO is important for every business that wants to be found online in the 21st century, please read more about it here: SEO writing: the key to content that promote your business.

Storage suitable WordPress files

You might not be planning on publishing hundreds of pages, but still every upload will take space in your general storage space. Every package of this service has different options, to allow you to choose the  best package for your needs: Basic – 10 GB, Secured – 50 GB, Advanced – 100 GB.

Let’s talk security

WordPress website’s security depends in a lot of things, such as WP, plugins and theme updating versions, data secure, SSL protocols, payment gateway security (for stores), CDN and much more.

We will help you maintain your WordPress and keep is as safe as possible by providing you with secured hosting options and if you connect we will provide you security insights (Only in Secured & Advanced packages).

Easy upkeep through our web department

Setting up a website is a big deal, of course, but if you keep it in the right hands you will have a beautiful fast website with good hosting and security. But after you finish building your website there is another matter, perhaps even more important, that requires thinking about and that is the ease of upkeep. Are you going to waste your own time, or your workers precious time, on every change and problem you will need to face and will you have the time to always update your website security, plugins and versions? Wouldn’t it be nice if someone else could do it for you and your team, and someone the even has more of a  professional touch?

Need more reasons to move your WordPress website to our managed hosting plan? well we have some more – contact our live chat let’s discuss it right now.


All – 1 year


All plans – 1X WordPress website

SSD storage

Basic – 10 GB, Secured – 50 GB, Advanced – 100 GB


Basic – 50k, Secured – 200k, Secured – 500k


Basic – 1, Secured – 1.5x, Advanced – 2x


Basic – 1, Secured – 1.5x, Advanced – 2x

Security insights

Basic – No, Basic – Yse, Basic – Yes


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