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Wix Website Design

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A stunning design for your Wix website starts from understanding your vision and making it into reality! We would like to get to know you and your business and start working on your website, making it reach it’s potential.


  • ILS: 2,004.844₪ - 3,675.548₪
  • EUR: €511.727 - €938.166
  • BRL: R$3,449.501 - R$6,324.085
  • CNY: ¥3,930.678 - ¥7,206.243
  • GBP: £436.038 - £799.402
  • INR: ₹43,912.836 - ₹80,506.866
  • MXN: $12,307.343 - $22,563.463
  • RUB: руб.45,194.456 - руб.82,856.503
  • THB: ฿18,758.891 - ฿34,391.301

Simple / redesign
Simple / redesign
Online store
Online store

What is WIX?

Wix is an innovative template based website builder and a smart drag and drop editor. You can make a Wix website even if you have no code knowledge at all but a lot of businesses falling in this trap, making a free Wix website by yourself cost more than you see or think, you invest lots of time in something you don’t fully understand and than creating a website that don’t operate well and not reaching your goals, that’s why we recommend leave it to our web department experts. Wix provides its own web hosting and domain names (free and paid). There is an App Market which makes it easy to add extra functionality and features.

Why choosing WIX for your website?

If a beautiful and dynamic design is your goal than Wix is a good choice for you, with Wix we can build amazingly beautiful websites, also it is easy to use and to edit with no code knowledge so you will have the ability to be fully independent. If you need dynamic features and not sure if you would stay in Wix platform you should think about building your website with WordPress, once you start with Wix you can’t change it so easily.

Wix websites are visually impressive and designed for small businesses, specially restaurants, artists such as photographers and musicians.

Is WIX plan included?

NO – we do not provide any of the Wix plans our service is only for building and designing your website, if you plan a store Wix website you must be sure that you already have the right Wix plans. You can read more about Wix plans and pricing here

Please contact us before buying this service, we will help you to choose the right plan for you or to make sure you have the right plan for the kind of website you want to build.

WIX pros and cons


  • Easy-to-use drag and drop editor which gives you the ability to edit yourself.
  • Big knowledge base.
  • Free hosting and security.
  • Automatic website backups keep your work safe.


  • You can’t switch templates after the website is live.
  • Pricing.
  • Every extra feature will cost you more.
  • Can’t move your website to other platforms.

Official Wix news


Simple / redesign – 5, Advanced – 10, Online store – 10 + 1 product page design

Wix plans

Not Included! Also for store features you need to have the right Wix plan


Not included

Mobile optimization



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