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Blogger Website

Blogger is a google CMS platform that is very recommended if you have strong SEO goals, also contains free Goggle hosting, security and SSL.


  • ILS: 300.727₪ - 1,169.493₪
  • EUR: €76.759 - €298.507
  • BRL: R$517.425 - R$2,012.209
  • CNY: ¥589.602 - ¥2,292.896
  • GBP: £65.406 - £254.355
  • INR: ₹6,586.925 - ₹25,615.821
  • MXN: $1,846.101 - $7,179.284
  • RUB: руб.6,779.168 - руб.26,363.433
  • THB: ฿2,813.834 - ฿10,942.687

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What Is Blogger – Google’s CMS platform?

Blogger started as a free, blog-publishing service that was developed by Pyra Labs (a company that working on the tech category of e-blogging web application) and was acquired by Google in 2003. Today websites are hosted by Google.

Why choose Blogger for your website and some facts

  • It’s a free platform!
  • You get google hosting and SSL for free.
  • Google Blogger–usually just called Blogger.
  • Your Blogger website is secured by Google!
  • Blogger is an online content management system (CMS) which used to create and modify of digital content also for non-code people.
  • First you must have a Google account to use the Blogger platform.
  • You get a free hosting and domain from Google and you can also customize the name / subdomain of your site which is displayed as
  • Blogger has a one of the largest international community and the service is available in more than 60 different languages.

Do I need code to manage my blogger website?

No! Blogger is a no-code CMS platform which is a development platform that uses a visual development environment for non-programmers through methods such as drag-and-drop and regular options that everybody can understand. With no-code platforms, you don’t need coding knowledge to manage your content.

Building a Google Blogger website

First, since Blogger is an online content management system (CMS) you can easily manage your content yourself, the problems start when you want that your Blogger website will have professional and nice looking design – that’s where things getting a little complicated. To design a blogger website we will need to use templates, flexible layouts, and high quality images also we must use code as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. After you will choose a design template and give your orders to our web design department our people will start building and design your website but in order to use Blogger, You must create a Google account and give the log in details to our web designers, without this we can’t build your website, after finishing. Also it’s nice to know that you are able to create and manage multiple blogs under one Google account.

Blogger is very popular in the United States and has a large international user base in countries such as Indonesia, India, and Brazil but you can find Blogger sites all over the world.

Where my website’s data is stored if I use Blogger?

All of your website content will be hosted on Cloud Spanner, which is the Google database service that was released in 2017.

Can I make money from a Blogger website?

Yes of course, like every website, you can make and earn as long as you have big traffic but the big advantage of Blogger is that it also integrated with other Google programs, such as Google AdSense and Google Analytics. You can use Google AdSense to automatically display relevant targeted ads but you have sign up for an AdSense account separately, and then link it to your Blogger website, it’s very easy and our web department can assist you. Please mention that not all blogs are qualified for advertisements. Blogger is easy to connect to Google Analytics for more detailed information and statistics about it’s traffic.

Is it possible to make a Blogger Ecommerce website?

Yes it is! but we would recommend it only for businesses that want to invest as little as possible and get a fine solution, Blogger is not built for heave Ecommerce options and management.

How do I manage my Blogger website?

You will have control through the Blogger’s dashboard. The dashboard displays the blog’s activity, official updates and short links to any function you need such as creating a blog post or editing content.

Will my website be mobile friendly?

Sure! We only build websites that has mobile versions, in 2021 everyone should have mobile friendly website because 60% of website traffic may be from mobile users. Also this category may increase in next years and when you build a website you want to make sure it will fit to the years coming.



One page – 1, Basic – 5, Advanced / custom – 10, Ecommerce – 10


Free Google hosting included in all packages

SSL certificate

Free Google SSL certificate included in all packages

Blogspot domain

Free blogspot domain included in all packages (looks like this:

Custom domain installation

Included – you have to own a domain and have access

Payment gateaways

Only in Ecommerce package and only PayPal right now


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